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We take pride in optimizing the digital presence of your business.
We have extensive experience of delivering high quality websites and branding solutions for you and your business.

5+ Years WordPress Experience
Over 1 Year of trading in the UK
100% Client Satisfaction

Our Partners

Business Mentoring Expert

With over 20 years experience mentoring and guiding individuals and businesses, Neil Saunders, owner of Business Mentoring Expert has exceptional expertise in all areas of business, specialising in business start ups, marketing and enabling existing businesses to identify and deliver increased customers and sales.

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International Global Relations

International Global Relations, or young people all over the world, studying in the UK offers invaluable international experience, the chance to broaden their horizons

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Deluxe Holiday Homes

Deluxe Holiday Homes exists for one reason — to provide you with the means to enjoy the self-catering holiday of your dreams in Dorset.

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Our Feedback

If any of you are looking to get a business website set up, or need a review on your current set-up / hosting etc, I fully recommend Marius - www.xpdesign.co.uk I met him several months back when I was looking for someone to help me with my start up website and I have to say the lad is thorough, hard working and affordable. I had spoken to several designers post moving to Bournemouth and had a mixed response, mainly they just wanted to liaise electronically and I wanted to meet face to face to discuss pros/cons etc. That's how I like to do business anyway! So if you are undecided or needed any help looking, I definitely suggest Marius. You're welcome to inbox me if you need any info etc. Cheers, Dolan

Dolan L

Director / IGR Limited

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